You might be planning your first-ever safari to Africa and specifically Kenya, but you don’t know when is the best time to visit Kenya. The best time to visit Kenya for safaris is between June and October, and the best time to visit Kenya for the wildebeest migration is between July and September.

Kenya has three major seasons, the low season, high season, and peak seasons all known to guide travelers looking to enjoy a safari in Kenya. But it’s not all seasons that are good and bad. Let’s go deep to differentiate the different seasons we have in Kenya.

Low Season – April to June

The low season in Kenya is between April and June. During these 3 months, Kenya receives very high rainfall known as Masika, which lasts from March to June or extends to July. It becomes hard for guests to enjoy their safaris during these months due to heavy rainfall.

It’s also the best time for a Kenya Safari to visit some of the best destinations you have been dreaming of since the rates usually drop dramatically. In some instances, camps and lodges usually close during this season due to low visits by guests and heavy rainfall.

High Season – January to March & November

and December

This is one of the most recommended seasons we advise our guests to book their Kenya safaris. The season is hot and dry, but as well with lush green vegetation that grew from the rainfall between October and December the previous year. It’s easy to spot wildlife around the waterholes and in grazing grounds, as well as the big cats too can be easily spotted. It’s known as the big cats season.

Peak Season – July to October

This is the most premium season, and most expensive time of the year to visit Kenya. Also known as the Wildebeest Migration Season, the month of July to October always receives a high number of visits due to the magical experiences sighted in different destinations.

This season coincides with the summer season in Europe and the United States among other seasons, hence opens up to be the best time to enjoy a good holiday in Kenya.

While on a Wildebeest Migration Safari in Kenya, you will be lucky to spot lots of activities within the Masai Mara and millions of migratory wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes that do migrate every year from Serengeti to Masai Mara and back.